Early Bird Runner/Walker and Market Registration is open for Huntington Tails and Trails


Come Join us for Celebrate Trails Day – Saturday April 24

The event will begin with an unveiling of a project we are excited for everyone to see – 11:00 am.
Yeoman Park Pavilion and the Erie Trail

Run, Walk, Bike event will start immediately after the unveiling at approximately 11:15am.
We will utilize the Erie Trail.

Beginning at 12:00pm we will be partnering up with the Huntington County Humane Society for a dog walk, which also include the following:
Check in with be at the Pavilion at Yeoman Park

  • $5 dog walks – Walk a Shelter dog or Bring Your Own
  • $10 nail trims
  • $10 microchips
  • Human concessions -we’re thinking hot dogs, individual bags of chips, cans of soda, and bottles of water, possibly bags of popcorn too.
    • Water $1, Soda .50, Popcorn $1, Chips .75, Hot Dogs $1.50..
  • we also have a litter of puppies who we may be able to bring and let people play with.
  • Doggy Concessions

Beginning at 3:00pm we will conclude our festivities with a small hike at Peace Woods (Pehkokia Woods – ACRES land preserver on 1570 Flaxmill Rd)